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It could be about the time when you, so used to using sitting toilets throughout your entire life, had no choice but to squat when traveling overseas, while outdoors etc.

Or it could be the time when you had to switch from squatting to sitting because of injury or after a change of toilets. Or you simply want to share with others your insights, observations and tips about squatting.

Along with contributions from other visitors (click to see), your sharing of real-life experiences, personal accounts about squatting would immensely enrich the learning experience of others.

I like to take this opportunity to ask you to read about the experience of Shane Bauer. Like most Westerners, Shane never had to squat for bowel movements. However, one day, he found himself in a situation where he had to. His written account of his experience with squatting is so interesting and illuminating that I have devoted a page to his article.

You can read about Bauer's story about squatting on this page.

Last but not least, if you have your own stories about squatting, do share them!

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worldcare physiotherapy centre 
Hi Everyone, I am Dr. Reema Rasotra from Worldcare Physiotherapy Centre (WPC), Behrampur Road, Gurdaspur 143521 Punjab. I want to let the entire …

Squatting when hiking 
Last summer I went hiking for around 10 days along a popular forest and mountain trail together with a lot of other people. The toilets at the cabins …

How squatting exercise gave me strength as a stroke survivor 
As a stroke survivor I had my first squat experience beside my bed. It made me fell good so I asked my caregiver to to put a wooden bar beside my bed it …

Squatting cured me! 
My doctor was threatening me with surgery for my long-term pregnancy induced and life-wrecking problems with hemorrhoids, and I was about to agree it would …

My first encounter with a squatter... 
A man from Africa stayed at my house for about a year and this conversation came up. I was surprised to hear that he was squatting on the regular toilet. …

Today I first tried the squatting position... 
I have had bowel problems for about 3 years, starting with the use and overuse of the pain medication oxy codiene, and later, oxy coton. When I used …

LaShaun Not rated yet
I experienced squatting toilets when I was traveling throughout Ghana at 16. I didn't think much of it and just thought different country, different pooping …

Squatting also leads to youth and physical fitness Not rated yet
I suspect that the (full, complete, natural) resting squat is equally as important as squatting to defecate, in terms of all the joints, muscles and tendons …

An EMG study of abdominal muscles on two positions i.e. squatting and sitting toilet positions Not rated yet
I would like to inform everyone that after coming across the information about the benefits of squatting on this website, I am applying this knowledge …

Worldcare Physiotherapy Centre is working hard to make people aware about the toilet positions for daily life Not rated yet
Hello Everyone, This is Dr Reema Rasotra MPT (Ortho), who runs World Care Physiotherapy Centre in Gurdaspur (Punjab). I want to make all people to …

Passionate About Squatting Not rated yet
I am passionate about squatting for better health. I lived in Malaysia for 3 years in the 70's, and I only had a squat toilet. I liked it, especially …

Squatting - Fantastic Idea! Not rated yet
This squatting device or toilet converter is a fantastic idea. As a very frequent traveler, I think we should convince the auto industry to adopt …

Squatting Makes Sense! Not rated yet
I am absolutely convinced by the arguments for bowel-emptying in the squatting position. As an osteopath and naturopath, I have studied human anatomy …

No more blood in toilet  Not rated yet
I have been suffering from blood loss when passing stool for the past decade. I developed some hemorrhoids during childbirth (as many women do) about …

Squatting history Not rated yet
In 1981 and 1989, I worked and travelled in India, Nepal and a number of other Asian countries where I learnt how to squat when using the toilet. Until …

What Squatting Has Done For Me Not rated yet
I would like to thank you so much, it has been like 11 months since I -- after reading the information on this website -- began using the squatting position. …

Squatting: The Natural Way to Do It Not rated yet
Yes, as an Easterner, I have always use squatting. In fact, the very widespread and popular use of sitting toilets bothers me very much beause what …

I love Squat toilets and Squatting in general Not rated yet
I currently live in the USA, but I also have a house in China. I've suffered from GERD and hemorrhoids ever since ninth grade. I finally squatted one day …

Squatting - thinking of recommending it to others... Not rated yet
Just wanted to thank you for your site. It's making me seriously consider recommending this method to others. I don't have a full story to share, but I …

After a hurricane Not rated yet
After we went through a hurricane last year (Gustav, 2008) we were without water and electricity for a few days. As much as I wanted to avoid it, I had …

Wow wow wow... Not rated yet
Am I surprised and immensely happy to see people with like mindedness. Hats off to you - first, for dealing with such an important though sensitive issue. …

I Can Never Go Back Not rated yet
Also allergies and many other diseases and conditions are caused from defecating in unnatural postions (not squatting) I am 22 and I have been squatting …

The Test of Time for Sitting toilets Not rated yet
I grew up in India and have been living in the UK for last 5 years and have traveled widely in Europe. At home in India we have both sitting and squatting …

Wow! I squat even on the sitting toilet Not rated yet
I've been using the squatting position since I was 6 and then I moved here to Canada where there was sitting toilets. But I still managed to use the squatting …

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