Squatting Makes Sense!

by L. Mudford

I am absolutely convinced by the arguments for bowel-emptying in the squatting position.

As an osteopath and naturopath, I have studied human anatomy and physiology in some depth, along with the related pathologies, and it is all makes sense. And I am a committed convert!

Surprisingly, I don't recall any of the naturopathy books at college
advocating squatting. As internal hygiene is one of the fundamental tenets of naturopathy, I see this a major omission.

But how to spread the word? British people love toilet-related jokes, but as a serious, frank topic of conversation, they tend to be embarrassed and uncomfortable and rather keen to change the subject.

Opening their bowels is something they have to do every day along with the rest of humanity but they don't want to give it any air time or thinking time. Just do the necessary and forget about it.

I have also been thinking more widely about squatting a position for relaxation. It is interesting that when you see TV footage of people in undeveloped countries, they are mostly squatting to relax, drink tea, cook food over a fire etc. While they don't have chairs, they could easily sit on a log of wood or a boulder, but chose to squat....

I wouldn't be surprised if low back pain, osteoarthritis of the hips and knees are much less prevalent in these societies, not least because they don't sit. As a 19th century writer said:

"Of all the machines which civilisation has invented for the torture of mankind there are few which perform their work more pertinaciously widely or cruelly than the chair"

I would love to start a national campaign for squat-pooing-
awareness in the UK and I am thinking of writing to some well-known people who I think might be open to the idea and see what comes of it.

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