Toilet Converter

A toilet converter is a device which, when used with a sitting toilet, 'converts' it into a squatting toilet.

There is another kind of converter which does the opposite, ie: from squatting to sitting, and is meant for the elderly in societies where squatting is still the norm, but who -- because of old age or poor health -- are no longer able to squat.

Do you need a toilet converter?

The answer is "Yes", if you do not have squatting toilets. The reason is that humans are designed to perform bodily functions in the squatting position, not in the sitting position.

History revealed that the use of sitting toilets is a relatively recent development in the history of mankind. Their widespread introduction, first in the Western countries and increasing in many other societies worldwide, has been linked to the increase rates of many colon, bladder and ailments and diseases.

The problem for many people today who grew up in an environment where sitting toilets are or are becoming the norm is that they will go through life without knowing and experiencing the natural ease and benefits of quick, comfortable and complete elimination.

What are the things to look for in a toilet converter?

A good toilet converter should have all or most of the following features:

1) Can be used with all regular, standard sitting toilets;

2) When in use, it must not be in contact with and hence not impose any stress on the sitting toilet;

3) It must be strong, stable and can support a weight of up to 120 kg;

4) It must be constructed with materials that can withstand moisture and water, and is easy to clean and maintain;

5) It must be light and can be folded away if necessary to facilitate easy handling, storage and transportation;

6) It must enable you to adopt the full natural squatting position; and

7) It should be low in cost and requires only a one-time investment that will deliver a lifetime of health dividends.

The New Sandun-Evaco Toilet Converter

The new Evaco toilet squatting platform is a toilet squatting converter that has been specially designed to meet all the above requirements. For more details or to place an order, please click here or the picture below.

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