This site would not have been possible without the work and research of dedicated men and women who have made it their mission to highlight the danger posed by sitting toilets.

In particular, I like to acknowledge and thank Jonathan Isbit, the inventor of Nature's Platform. Most of the information on this site is based on Jonathan's extensive research into and knowledge of the benefits of squatting. You can visit Jonathan's website here.

He may not know it, but what he has done since 1998 have saved many from unnecessary pain, misery and suffering.

On a personal note, it was in 2003 when I first came across Jonathan's writings on squatting. That was also when I go back to squatting, with the help of a Nature's Platform I bought from Jonathan. (I was a "squatter", until I moved to my new home which is not equipped with any squatting toilet.)

It was the work of Jonathan and other like-minded men and women that had inspired me to join them in their quest to save many from toilet-related ailments and diseases.

If Jonathan is a giant in the grassroots 'back-to-squatting' campaign, then Wallace Bowles would be a titan.

A former Royal Australian Air Force fighter pilot, senior commercial pilot and aircraft accident investigator, Wallace Bowles, 76, had no formal medical training. But this did stop him from becoming an expert on the disease-inducing effect of sitting toilets. [More about Wallace Bowles and his work.]

My hope is that many more people - starting with my fellow Singaporeans - would be saved from the frightful toilet-related ailments and diseases that have afflicted countless millions of men, women and children since the porcelain throne came on the scene.

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