Constipation Cure - The Natural Way

Using the squatting position to evacuate waste is the natural constipation cure most doctors don't discuss with their patients.

Thus many who are now suffering from constipation will not get any permanent relief.

They end up having to endure the effects of constipation on a daily basis, not knowing that the underlying cause lies in their toileting posture.

Squatting can prevent and cure constipation in four ways:

1) In the squatting position, the entire weight of the upper body rests on both feet and presses agains the thighs. This naturally compresses the colon which, along with gravity, enables waste to be expelled more easily.

squatting position, squatting

2) The colon is equipped with an inlet valve called the ileocecal valve. In the squatting position, the ileocecal valve is properly supported and sealed by the action of the right thigh. This allows the colon to be fully pressurized.

In the sitting position, the ileocecal valve is unsupported and tends to leak, making it difficult to generate the required pressure. A leaking ileocecal valve can result in waste entering and contaminating the small intestines.

3) Just as it has an inlet valve, the colon also has an outlet valve, in the form of the puborectalis muscle at the rectum. In the sitting position, the rectum is maintained in the choked position. However, in the squatting position, the puborectalis muscle relaxes its grip on the rectum to straighten the pathway to the anus.

puborectalis muscle

4) The colon also has another natural obstacle in the form of a kink (bend) between the sigmoid colon and rectum. It is designed to maintain continence. In the squatting position, the left thigh lifts the sigmoid colon to release the kink, making it easy for waste to flow easily to the rectum.

(For a more detailed explanation on the benefits of squatting, you can visit the Why SQUAT? page.)

By preventing users from squatting, the sitting toilet ignores all of the natural requirements of waste elimination. It is no wonder why so many find it so difficult to evacuate and suffer from constipation. Worse, despite all the straining, there will be incomplete evacuation.

While there could be other factors involved, the most important thing you can do to enhance your ability to eliminate waste easily and comfortably is to squat. It is the only constipation cure that does not require any pills - just squatting.

Squatting -- The Natural Solution for Constipation

In his blog, Ian Clements wrote about his experience with constipation and how he was able to solve it by using a toilet converter.

"One of the side-effects of my supplementation regime is constipation. So, having thought a lot about this and read up stuff, I've come to the conclusion that one of the better aids is to use the squatting position on the toilet.

Clearly, this is difficult on Western-style toilets, so, after trawling the web, I found a handy portable squatting stool. There are several out there, but the one I felt best for me was made in China but retailed through Singapore - the Sandun-Evaco, for about $170. And, for me, it works fine."

Squatting works for him; it will also work for all who suffer from constipation.

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