Squatting history

by Eva Wilhelm

In 1981 and 1989, I worked and travelled in India, Nepal and a number of other Asian countries where I learnt how to squat when using the toilet.

Until then, my bowl movements were a nightmare, to say the least. I suffered from constipation from the age of 18. Nothing I did worked. I also was diagnosed with Colitis, and wasn't healthy in general.

When I returned to Europe, I had became aware that I found it much easier to use the toilet when squatting, which I am doing to this very day.

I still have issues with my intestines, but I know it would be a lot worse if I would continue sitting on the toilet. Now, by squatting, constipation is a thing of the past.

Squatting also eliminates the problem of public toilets. I can feel just as safe, clean as at home.

I would suggest to anyone to start this habit. Unfortunately, I never taught my son, but I will talk to him (now an adult) about it.

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