Passionate About Squatting

by S J

I am passionate about squatting for better health. I lived in Malaysia for 3 years in the 70's, and I only had a squat toilet.

I liked it, especially for the ability to wash and dry instead of wiping. I was saddened in my later travels, discovering that the European toilet and use of toilet paper is widespread.

I have used home-made wooden stools and later on plastic ones to in order to take up the squatting position. When using public sitting toilets, I climb on the seat. Very precarious!

I have also used the water bucket and scooper and later a hose attached to the toilet cistern to wash with. I am delighted to find your product as it mimics the squatting position better than stools.

I am concerned at the enormous usage of toilet paper and its effect on the planet.

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