Today I first tried the squatting position...

by Leo Murray
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I have had bowel problems for about 3 years, starting with the use and overuse of the pain medication oxy codiene, and later, oxy coton.

When I used these medications, I had bowel problems. Eliminating waste was not too difficult; yet it was painful and came out in larger than normal amounts. This had continued for about a year.

Then I started using the medication methadone. And the problem became worse. Also around the same time, I was prescribed Risperadone which can also bring about constipation. So my problem got worse and worse.

Then my doctor prescribed Senokot and a stool softener. But it didn't really work. So he gave me lactulose. It worked for about a year and a half.

All this while, I had to strain and strained for my bowel movements. Sometimes it would pay off and I would get between a normal and a huge bowel movement.

The only problem was that sometimes the lactulose wouldn't penetrate all the way through (I had bad dietary habits at the time), and my fecal matter would create a blockage. This makes it extremely painful.

So I (stupidly) thought of and talked my doctor into giving me a suppository. It was a bad idea as I ended up using it when it wasn't necessary. My bowel just stopped working; all that came out was tiny pieces - about once a week

This continued for 3 weeks; finally, I got worried and went back to using senokot. It made me feel very sick but worked a little and got things moving a bit.

I then decided to change my diet, and for the past few days I wasn't eating anything but fiber cereal with water.

Then I stumbled upon this site today, and decided it made sense and -- despite comments from others about it being unsanitary and less than dignified -- decided to try it out.

I ate a meal, waited half hour and tried squatting. I notice this time that when I strain, I could feel more power almost to the point where I could maybe hurt myself.

I decided to try something else. I drank a warm cup of tea. Then I felt the feeling of having to go or at least the possibility of having to (I've gotten pretty good at this subtle feeling because of my bowel problems).

I tried the squatting position again, and felt something coming down the pipe, and then to my surprise, it came out with little or no difficulty.

I think my bowels may be setting themselves right, and like to thank you for your info on the squatting position. It has really helped me, and will help me in the future for sure.

I only wish I got turned on to it earlier.

I had sometimes used one leg up to get more power to push, but now I will squat from now on as I can feel the pressure and the power it lends.

I will make another story in a couple of weeks to tell anyone who is interested in how it is working.

Any questions or comments email me at

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Aug 07, 2011
Opiates Are the Worst
by: Anonymous

Opiate pain killers are the worst. When I was misusing them, I went nearly 30 days without a bm at one point.

Oct 14, 2010
Don't strain...!
by: Anonymous

Don't push! This could lead to you straining something and cause hemorrhoids. Your condition sounds a lot like something that I have experienced.

Having been a long time fan of fiber and using Psyllium, I read part of an article on the 'Fiber Menace' and decided to decrease the amount of fiber I take whilst still drinking similar amounts of water. This reduced the size of stool.

Psyllium, which increases the transit time of waste in the large colon, probably leads to larger stool formation as waste clumps together.

There are 3 supplements which I started to take at the same time to ease digestion and naturally soften stool:
1) Bromelain (500mg/2400GDU/g);
2) Rutin (500mg);
3) Magnesium Oxide 500/750mg.

I take the Bromelain and Rutin with my first and last meal at night and the Magnesium with the last meal at night along with a vitamin c tablet to aid absorption.

You can read up about Bromelain and Rutin online. Magnesium should help you go to the toilet without having to strain. Learn to relax and if you can't go, get up and walk around till you feel the urge.

Let your body lead you. Absolutely continue with squatting. It has taken me a while to be comfortable with it but it is so worth it. Another helpful supplement for digestion is Trephala, which I sometimes take to prevent constipation and help digestion.

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