Squatting cured me!

by (name not given)

My doctor was threatening me with surgery for my long-term pregnancy induced and life-wrecking problems with hemorrhoids, and I was about to agree it would be necessary, but was seaching the web for cures that might save me.

I read all sorts of stuff about lotions and potions, but what interested me most was an article on squatting written by Wal Bowles.

It moved me to try and see what happened. Oh, the ease! It took 3 weeks to cure the bleeding, and 3 months to cure all eveidence that I had ever had hemorrhoids.

My doctor became a convert, and 6 years later, I have never ever sat on a toilet seat. I squat over a bedpan (which can also go on holidays with me) and life is now a breeze, free from all problems "down there".

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Oct 06, 2015
by: Jena

Hemorrhoids are really just the body's way to say that you are doing something wrong. Eating habits, or life style choices in general. Squatting is really great.

Mar 31, 2010
Sqatting over a bedpan
by: Anonymous

For those who think it would be all too complicated to transform a pedestal toilet into a squatting toilet, let me tell you that when faced with this problem, I solved it by buying a bedpan ($25) and squat over it on the floor and then empty the contents into the pedestal toilet and flushing.

It is easy to rinse the bedpan out in the basin, and even better, by carrying it in a backpack, it goes on holidays with me and I never have a problem anywhere, and it has been all over the world.

I have been squatting since 1994 and would not now ever do anything else, no hemorrhoids, fissures, bleeding or pain anymore, it is just so easy, makes problems vanish! The only natural way to go!

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