Wow! I squat even on the sitting toilet

by Rajah
(Toronto, ON, Canada)

I've been using the squatting position since I was 6 and then I moved here to Canada where there was sitting toilets. But I still managed to use the squatting position by climbing onto the toilet. I am 17 today and I still use the same position on the sitting toilet. I am wondering if this healthy to do it on sitting toilets?

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Hi Rajah,

Like many who have grown up in a culture/society where the posture used for bowel movements is squatting, switching to the sitting posture doesn't come easy or feel 'right'.

Many old folks in Asia would never want to use sitting toilets. Not surprising, because if we think about it, it is only in the squatting position that one's buttocks are spread open and the anus is exposed.

Coming back to your question, my view is that squatting on a sitting toilet is not a long-term solution. If you are not careful and make a slip, it can be dangerous. Also make sure that your sitting toilet can take your weight.

You might want to install a squatting toilet. Alternatively, you could consider using a toilet squatting platform.


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