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by truth
(India TN )

Am I surprised and immensely happy to see people with like mindedness. Hats off to you - first, for dealing with such an important though sensitive issue. Yes I completely agree with you. It's time for people to start rethinking abut health issues from basics.

What do you think would take to make people use this safe, natural and excellent way of toileting?

Yes as you've said, people in India are also beginning to opt for Western type toilets, whether by choice or not, without realising the benefits about squatting toilets.

It is the same thing with yoga -- it's of Indian origin, yet due to ignorance, some think that yoga originated in the west.

I don't prefer using sitting toilets. It puts a lot of pressure on the anus while defecating. Why? It's leads to a 'contracted state' of your colon system and you have to force and strain in order to defecate.

In the squatting position, the colon system is primed to allow for easy elimination without the need for exerting much pressure to defecate; also the natural pressure in the abdomen in the squatting position helps to push out feces.

With sitting toilets, you also have to sit on the seat which is used by others. But with squat toilets, your genitals or buttocks will not be in contact with the toilet; this gives protection from the risk of infections.

Hope people would learn and save themselves from grave health issues by squatting, instead of taking 'pride in sitting position' thing.

One more thing you can do is, put up some information on how to build squatting type of toilets, where they can get those type of toilets from etc.

This can be helpful. Just a suggestion. Good luck to you in all your future efforts. THANK YOU.

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