Squatting also leads to youth and physical fitness

I suspect that the (full, complete, natural) resting squat is equally as important as squatting to defecate, in terms of all the joints, muscles and tendons of the ankles, knees, pelvis and back all being fully used.

Also, I suspect that being trained (deprived) out of this full range of motion at an early age leads to atrophy of those parts which will then no longer perform their full ranges of motion, resulting in further loss of connection with youthfulness - older people who have squatted all their lives appear more youthful, and as we know, they suffer fewer of the toilet-related ailments, but I suspect fewer joint and mobility related ailments too, relating to the spine in particular.

These are simply thoughts arising from my spending time in squat - I made bread on the floor in a squatting position for the first time a couple of days ago, and was very surprised how much it exercised and stretched my muscles, particularly my calves.

Dafydd S,

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