No more blood in toilet

by Lee

I have been suffering from blood loss when passing stool for the past decade. I developed some hemorrhoids during childbirth (as many women do) about 20 years ago.

They were not painful, but I did not suffer from constipation and the only symptoms were that the toilet bowl was always bright red after a bowel movement.

Due to this going on for years, I was always anaemic. I had all the tests, colonoscopy, gastroscopy etc, but no answers. I did have the banding about 10 years ago, but the roids just came back and it was about this time that the bleeding started.

It was only after a bowel movement and my undies never get soiled with blood.

I decided that it was just something I would have to live with as I had read some articles stating that none of the surgical remedies helped.

About a fortnight ago, I was watching TV and saw a program about embarrassing bodies and one of the patients had really bad roids.

Then there was a specialist talking about how bad a toilet is for us and that it is not designed for natural bowel movements etc. Immediately after the show I googled as much as I could about it.

Well, what I did from the very next morning was put a footstool in front of the toilet and have been ever since. The good news - no more red toilet bowl. It has been 2 weeks and the problem was fixed on the very first go!

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