I Can Never Go Back

Also allergies and many other diseases and conditions are caused from defecating in unnatural postions (not squatting)

I am 22 and I have been squatting for almost 2 years now after I experienced the best defecation of my life while squatting in nature in a summer camp.

Since then I always squat and my life has changed in unbelievable ways. And I mean UNBELIEVABLE. I feel more free and light, have a better physical and mental condition and I'm happier and more carefree than I have ever been.

Also I fear death much less than I used to. All of which I strangely "know" that are related to my different defecating practices.

I say that not squatting causes allergies too cause I used to have some mild allergies to cats and springtime but not anymore and I read somewhere that allergies are caused when the bacteria in your intestines don't work well with your body, which can probably be caused by not squatting.

Also not only IBS autoimmune diseases but all kinds of autoimmune diseases are regulated from the intestines and the intestines play a central role in the configuration of your immune system because they teach it not to attack your body and friendly microorganisms and only attack enemies

Jesus used to say "no external evil can hurt you only you yourself can hurt yourself. Because all evil exits through the intestines."

Well for the last 200 years not "all evil" exits properly and some stays inside. I believe that most of the western worlds problems are partly related to not squatting, even the psychological and social ones.

Repent sinners and start squatting before its too late.

May you all live to have many and happy defecations and a happy new year.

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