Squatting - thinking of recommending it to others...

by Shay
(United States)

Just wanted to thank you for your site. It's making me seriously consider recommending this method to others. I don't have a full story to share, but I figured I'd at least send this to you.

By whatever luck, I learned squatting from my mother at birth, even though I live in the USA (my parents were hippies). I've been able to do it on normal toilets without any platform all my life, but I've always been on the thin side so have never overloaded the seat.

Unfortunately it hasn't prevented hemmorhoids, perhaps due to spending too much time on the toilet (I tend to find it relaxing to sit there). I do think it has kept my legs quite limber over the years though.

In your coverage of the history of the sitting toilet, being first used by royalty, I couldn't help but think of white bread, also being a status symbol even though most of the nutritional value has been stripped from it. Like the sitting toilet, white bread is here to stay for a long time.

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