I love Squat toilets and Squatting in general

by Jerry
(Bethesda, MD, USA)

I currently live in the USA, but I also have a house in China. I've suffered from GERD and hemorrhoids ever since ninth grade. I finally squatted one day on the sit toilet like I used to in China. I was so amazed at the speed and the amount of feces that came out.

Ever since, I have build my own platform and squatted comfortably at home. My stomach got better and I rarely worry about hemorrhoids unless I have to sit again. When I went to college, I was looking for a way to continue squatting. I bought nature's platform, but nature's platform did not work really well with me because it wasn't wide enough for me (I'm very flexible so my squat is very wide). Still it was better than sitting.

I went back to my house in China this summer, and was very disappointed to find that my parents had replaced the squat toilet with a sit toilet for "aesthetic purposes." Undeterred, I walked to a public bathroom everyday so that I could continue using a squat toilet. Those days were so comfortable and my metabolism felt so balanced.

Now I'm back in America, and I really want to live in China forever because of the squat toilets. Once I make more money, I will buy Evaco because it looks like the best platform out there.

This is my story. I highly advise everyone to squat to excrete for the sake of one's health. After all, most of your immune system is in the colon, if you don't eliminate all the toxins, it will effect the health of the whole body.

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