Thank You for Your Interest in
the EVACO Toilet Squatting Platform!

The price of the current (still available) model of EVACO toilet squatting platform is Singapore Dollars S$300 (about US$210 at current exchange rates), plus handling and shipping charges.

(Please note that a new toilet converter is also available. You can take a look and see if the new one may be better in your case by going to this page.)

It will fit all standard sitting toilets up to 41 cm or 16.2 inches in height (from floor to top of toilet bowl, with seat cover lifted up), and 42 cm or 16.5 inches wide (the toilet bowl).

There are 7 zones, each with different delivery times, fees and hence total price, as shown below. Before you place your order, please confirm the country/zone you are in, and then click on the Buy Button.

Orders are shipped on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Once again, thanks for your interest and/or order. If there is anything else that I can do for you, please write to me through this page.

Food for Thought...
Whatever your decision is, ie: to buy or not to buy the Evaco toilet squatting platform, do your best to squat when clearing your bowels.

The human and financial costs of (sitting) toilet-related health problems are simply too great for you to ignore, as revealed in this article.

I look forward to be of service.

With regards,


Zone 0 - Singapore

Total Nett Price: S$300+ S$60 = S$360 (Delivery: 3 - 5 days)

Zone 1 - Brunei and Malaysia

Total Nett Price: S$300 + S$85 = S$385 (Delivery by air: 6 - 9 days)

Zone 2 – Hong Kong, Phillipines, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan

Total Nett Price: S$300 + S$95= S$395 (Delivery by air: 6 - 12 days)

Zone 3 - Australia, New Zealand

Total Nett Price: S$300 + S$135 = S$435 (Delivery by air: 9 - 12 days)

Zone 4 - China, India, Japan And Other Destinations In Asia And Territories In The Pacific

Total Nett Price: S$300 + S$130 = S$430 (Delivery by air: 7 - 14 days)

Zone 5 - Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Total Nett Price: S$300 + S$170 = S$470 (Delivery by air: 9 - 14 days)

Zone 6 - USA, Sweden And Other Destinations In Middle East, Africa And Europe

Total Nett Price: S$300 + S$180 = S$480 (Delivery by air: 11 - 15 days)

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