The Human and Financial Cost of Toilet-Related Health Problems

The growing epidemic of toilet-related health problems has serious ramifications that go beyond just personal pain and suffering. In particular, the very high cost of treatment for colon, bladder, prostate and pelvic problems can be devastating to those who suffer from them and their loved ones.

If the risk of financial ruin stemming from these health conditions does cause a person to stop and think and then change his or her toileting posture (from sitting to squatting), probably nothing would.

Let's take a look at several toilet-related ailments and diseases, and the estimated costs of treatment (figures shown are based on US data):


Once the diagnostic tests, such as a CT scan and pathology are done, a simple appendectomy can cost upwards of $20,000. This includes anesthesiology and a hospital stay of approximately 24 hours. In the US, overall costs associated with appendicitis are in the billions per year.

Urinary Incontinence

In 1995, the direct cost of treating urinary incontinence was an estimated $26.3 billion. This includes both men and women of all ages. This applies to surgical procedures, medications and devices.

Crohn's Disease and Colitis

The average estimated medical cost for a person with Crohn's disease is $10,764. The total annual medical cost for Crohn's disease patients is well into the $5 billion range. Colitis has quite similar, staggering figures.

Colon Cancer

The costs of treating colon cancer can be astronomical. For individual patients with no insurance, this can be a crippling financial burden costing upwards of $28,000 per year. Overall annual costs are estimated to be around $8.4 billion.


The figures for constipation-related medical procedures and medications can go up to $5,098 per year and even higher. The annual estimated cost is estimated at $15.4 billion. (Read about the close link between sitting toilets and constipation…)

Contamination of Small Intestine

With diagnostic procedures and treatments, the individual costs of contamination of the small intestine can be as much as $5,674 or more per year. Overall annual costs run in the billions.

Diverticulosis and Hernias

In the case of diverticulosis and related hernias, the average health care cost is $18,974 per year. With the high incidence of diverticulosis in the West, the overall annual cost of this toilet-related health problem runs into billions of dollars.

Toilet-Related Heart Attacks

The overall cost for heart disease is more than $258 billion per year, and more than $36,476 per person. This involves treatments, diagnostic procedures and surgical corrections. Thanks to the research work by Israeli doctor Dr B.A. Sikirov, it is now known that heart attacks can be triggered as a result of straining when emptying the colon.

(Read how the use of sitting toilets can be dangerous for those with a heart condition…)


This seemingly innocuous malady can cost patients $6,754 per year. The overall estimated cost for hemorrhoids treatment is $1.5 billion a year.

Prostate Problems

The figure for prostate cancer alone is about $3.7 billion a year. On an individual basis, that works out to $14,865 or more annually. The figure does not include other forms of prostate problems.

(For an explanation of how the use of the seated posture for waste elimination can lead to prostate problems, click here.)

Sexual Dysfunction

The waters here are murky because it is estimated that roughly 50% of sexual dysfunction cases are merely an indication of a larger, underlying problem. However, treatment for sexual problems is big business, costing in the neighborhood of $6.7 billion a year overall. Just the cost of medications for an uninsured patient, including diagnosis, can run $5,434 per year.

Posture-Related Health Problems During Pregnancy and Childbirth

The use of sitting toilets is detrimental to all women. In the case of pregnant women, using the seated posture for waste elimination significantly increase the risk of bladder and pelvic problems.

Squatting is not only the best posture for emptying the colon. It is also an ideal natural posture for childbirth.

Having babies is big business; the average costs of pregnancy and child birth can easily reach $22,438 for single, uncomplicated births. If the pregnancy and delivery come with complications, the costs go up. The need for a caesarean section due to difficulty in delivery can significantly raise the costs as well.

(For an insight into the importance of squatting posture during pregnancy, click here. And why squatting is the ideal posture for childbirth, click here.)

Gynecological Disorders

1) Endometriosis

Because endometriosis can be an extensive, ongoing disease, plaguing its victims for as many as ten years and even more, the costs at upwards of $7,450 per year can be crippling. Overall, the annual cost is approximately $4.5 billion.

2) Hysterectomy

With two types of hysterectomy, the invasive abdominal hysterectomy and the less invasive vaginal hysterectomy, the costs can fluctuate. However, the costs that surround actual hysterectomies and any complications that result from hysterectomies (more common in abdominal hysterectomies) have resulted in a $5 billion industry.

3) Pelvic Organ Prolapse (Pelvic Floor Prolapse)

Overall costs of this condition are upwards of $1,012 million. Individual costs vary with the treatment, but pelvic organ prolapse patients can expect to fork out more than $10,324 per year.

4) Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids have an overall cost of more than $3 billion annually. Individually, patients can pay $5,465 per year or more for treatment.


For patients and their families, the astronomical cost of toilet-related health problems can quickly undermine their financial health. There are also other costs -- lost wages due to pain and discomfort, the decline in the quality of life, and increased insurance and health care costs.

This alone should compel one to seriously think about his or her current toileting posture, and provide the impetus to do whatever is necessary to adopt the correct posture for waste elimination: squatting.

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