Dr B. A. Sikirov's 1987
Study on Hemorrhoids

In the 1987 study by Dr Sikirov, twenty (20) male and female patients were involved.

They had hemorrhoids of varying degrees of severity. They had all undergone conventional treatments with little or no success.

Two (2) of the patients had been treated with ligation (tying off the hemorrhoid at its base with a rubber band).

The patients underwent a proctoscopy at the beginning of the trial. Then they were told to change their toilet habits in two ways:

1) To wait until the urge to evacuate was strong (to avoid straining); and

2) To use the natural squatting position for elimination.

The proctoscopy was repeated after one year.

Of the twenty (20) patients, eighteen (18) reported, within a few days to a few months, a significant reduction or complete absence of symptoms.

The lack of improvement in the two (2) other patients, who had previously had ligation for hemorrhoids, "may be ascribed to fibrous tissue development in the submucosa as a consequence of the ligation."

Follow-up examinations of the 18 other patients (90% of the subjects in the study) twelve (12) months and thirty (30) months later revealed no recurrence of the symptoms.

Dr Sikirov's findings have been published in the Israel Journal of Medical Sciences. (Ref: Management of Hemorrhoids: A New Approach, Israel Journal of Medical Sciences, 1987: 23, 284-286)

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