The Rectum... In The Sitting
and Squatting Positions

The rectum is the last stop for waste before it is passed out through the anus. Its shape - and effect on waste elimination - is controlled by the puborectalis muscle.

The puborectalis muscle, in turn, is dependent on whether a person sit or squat...

In the sitting position, the puborectalis muscle grips the rectum in a "choked" position to maintain continence.

Elimination is more difficult because of the natural resistance of the bend.

However, in the squatting position, the puborectalis muscle relaxes its grip, which results in the straightening of the final pathway, making it easy for waste to be expelled.

Reference: The Anal Canal and Rectum: Their Varying Relationship and Its Effect on Anal Continence, Diseases of the Colon and Rectum, 1966: 9, 449-452; by Tagart REB

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