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Book about squatting, Nature Knows Best

The price of Nature Knows Best (book format) is:

Singapore Dollars S$7.99 (approx US Dollars US$6)

I will send your copy by airmail from Singapore. Depending on where you live, it may take 2 to 12 days for your book to arrive. Before you order, first confirm the country or zone you are in, and then click on the Buy Button.

Once again, thank you for your order. I hope that you would enjoy and benefit from reading Nature Knows Best.

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Total price for Nature Knows Best = S$7.99 + S$1.50 postage by Singpost (2 to 3 days) = Singapore Dollars S$9.49

Zone 1 - Malaysia, Brunei

Total price for Nature Knows Best = S$7.99 + S$2.50 being airmail postage (4 to 7 days) = Singapore Dollars S$10.49 (Currency Converter)

Zone 2 - Countries in Asia and the Pacific (except Japan, Australia and New Zealand)

Total price for Nature Knows Best = S$7.99 + S$5.80 being airmail postage (3 to 10 days) = Singapore Dollars S$13.79 (Currency Converter)

Zone 3 - Countries in the rest of the world, including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, America, Europe and Middle East

Total price for Nature Knows Best = S$7.99 + S$6.95 being airmail postage (4 to 12 days) = Singapore Dollars S$14.94 (Currency Converter)

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Nature Knows Best

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