What Sitting Can Do To Your
The Ileocecal Valve And Appendix

In his book Cancerproof Your Body, Ross Horne wrote about the role of the ileocecal valve and appendix in maintaining colon health, and why the Western preference for sitting toilets can cause problems for these two organs.

The One-Way Ileocecal Valve

"The ileocecal valve which is located between the intestine and the colon," Horne wrote, "serves to prevent the colon's harmful substances and bacteria from returning to the intestine."

The ileocecal valve acts like a one-way valve. It allows digested food in the small intestine to pass into the colon, but prevents waste in the colon from entering the small intestine.

The Appendix

Many doctors believe that the appendix is an organ that does not serve any useful function. This erroneous belief explains why during surgery, some doctors would routinely cut off the appendix even though there is nothing wrong with it.

In his book, Ross Horne dispelled the misconception about the so-called 'useless' organ:

"Further protection to the (small) intestine is provided by the appendix….which secretes a powerful germicidal fluid. This germicide acts as a barrier protecting the (small) intestine from the entry of colon bacteria, and likewise protects the colon from any harmful substance entering it from the intestine."

Toileting Posture, Ileocecal Valve and Appendix

Horne went on to explain how the use of the sitting toilets can damage the ileocecal valve and appendix, with serious consequences:

"Apart from making waste evacuation more difficult, the sitting position also results in constant exertion of muscular pressure within the colon, which can damage the ileocecal valve…

"(The) eventual weakening of the ileocecal valve further diminishes this (protection) barrier and permits toxins from the colon to enter the (small) intestine and add to further deterioration of the bloodstream."

Continuing, Horne explained how the failure of the ileocecal valve can cause problems for the appendix:

"So constant sometimes is the demand upon the appendix that it may lose function and become inflamed by poisons and harmful bacteria from the colon, causing appendicitis."

Squatting Is The Answer

Armed with the knowledge provided by Ross Horne, one doesn't need to be too concerned about his or her ileocecal valve and appendix – or the risk of appendicitis or small intestine contamination...

For there is a simple and effective way to keep the two organs in tip-top condition: squatting.

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