The Astonishing Truth About
Sitting Toilets That You'll
Never Hear About Today...

I set up this website to share with you what I know about sitting toilets, the specific ailments and diseases that they can cause, and what you can do about it.

Research revealed that squatting - not sitting - is a more natural and comfortable position to empty the bowels

This is reflected in the design of the colon and human body. In the sitting position, it is physically impossible to evacuate waste completely and efficiently. This is the reason why those who use sitting toilets often have a vague sensation that there is always 'still something left'.

By forcing unsuspecting users to depart from the correct toileting posture, the sitting toilet has caused much distress, pain and suffering. It is not going to end soon.

Today, the porcelain throne continues its relentless march, making huge inroads even in countries whose peoples have traditionally been squatting populations.

The impact of this trend has been tragic. Worldwide, there is a never- ending, growing epidemic of colon and pelvic-related ailments and diseases.

There is no guarantee that those who squat will not suffer from these health problems. But one thing is for sure: the habitual use of sitting toilets is a dangerous habit, one that you would do well to abandon.

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On this note, I invite you to explore and check out the information on this site. It is my hope that more will discover the truth about the sitting toilet and see it for what it really is: a health threat that has been ignored for more than 150 years...

David Ling
(About Me & This Site)

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The All New Sandun-Evaco Toilet Converter
The New Sandun-Evaco Toilet Converter
Squatting, The Best Toilet Posture
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The Root Cause of Hemorrhoids: Sitting Toilets
Can squatting for waste elimination prevent and cure hemorrhoids?
Heart Attack: The Dangerous (And Unknown) Role of Sitting Toilets
You may have never heard about this before... It is shocking, but true. For people with weak hearts, sitting toilets can trigger a heart attack.
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Contamination of Small Intestines – What Has Toilet Posture Got To Do With It?
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Pelvic Floor Prolapse – Why Are Caucasian Women So Vulnerable?
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Urinary Incontinence – Why Women In The West Are So Susceptible...
For some strange reason, women in the developing world seem to be immune to urinary incontinence. Yet, it is rampant in the Western countries. Discover why...
Prostate Problems and Disorders – A Western Tragedy of Epidemic Proportions...
Contrary to common belief, a high fat, low fiber diet is not the cause of the high incidence of prostate problems in the West. It is something else…the porcelain throne…
Revealed -- The Key To Understanding Female and Male Sexual Dysfunction
Doctors are still mystified by the high incidence of sexual dysfunction in both men and women. They would be astounded if they were to discover that the answer lies in a nerve, and toileting habits..
Your Toilet Posture During Pregnancy – Is It Right for You and Your Baby?
Discover four reasons why you should squat for waste elimination, especially during your pregnancy. And also why the Western world’s acceptance of sitting toilets is hurting mothers to be...
Childbirth – Would You Be Lying Flat, Sitting, Squatting or Kneeling?
Discover why the two most common childbirth positions – flat on back (lithotomy) and semi-sitting – are bad for you and your baby. And what is the most natural and advantageous position for childbirt
The Roadmap To Colon Health
Discover the three long-forgotten keys to colon health: regular bowel movements, toileting posture, colon cleansing and detoxification.
Your Four Options... Should You Want To Switch From Sitting To Squatting...
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Toilet Converter - From Sitting To Squatting
A toilet converter may be what you are looking for if you do not have any squat toilets...
Articles on Squatting, Toilet-Related Health Ailments Etc
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The Best Toilet In The World That You Can Have...
What is the best toilet for you? From a totally different perspective… what is more popular and looks good to the eye may not necessarily be the best for you...
Who Invented The Toilet?
Was Thomas Crapper the one who invented the toilet? When did the first toilets appear? Discover the answers to these questions and more...
News about Toilet-Related Health Problems
News, discoveries and significant trends concerning toilet-related health problems.
About Author of & This Site
About the author of site. A little bit about me, and the story of how this website came about.
Toilet Squatting Platform - Throwing Off The Yoke of Sitting Toilets
If you want to squat for your bowel movements, you have a few options, Aside from a squatting toilet, you can use a toilet squatting platform...
Squatting Versus Sitting
Discover why squatting is most natural position for defecation in Ross Horne's eye-opening article on squatting versus sitting.
The Cecum - A Fascinating Close Up View
The first part of the colon, the cecum is shaped like a pouch and must be squeezed empty every day, for a simple reason...
Historical Account of Appendicitis and Appendectomy
Read a short fascinating account of appendicitis and appendectomy …
Dr B. A. Sikirov's 1987 Research on Hemorrhoids
The effect of squatting for waste elimination on hemorrhoid patients, based on 1987 research by Dr Berkowitz Sikirov
Constipation and Toilets - What Doctors Have Known
Constipation and toilets... discover what doctors have known about the connection between the two...
The Valsalva Maneuver - Why So Many People Are Forced To Do It Everyday
Discover the reason why those who use sitting toilets are forced to do the Valsalva Maneuver. And the danger it pose to your health…
The Rectum - What Happens When You Sit
Revealed - the effect of toilet posture on the rectum... and the process of waste elimination.
Squatting - The Constipation Cure That Is Ignored By The West
Do you have frequent constipation? There is a natural constipation cure that you should know about....
Diagram of The Colon
The colon can be divided into six major parts, each with a special function...
What Is Diverticulitis?
Find out the answers to questions like what is diverticulitis and more... the meaning of diverticulosis, diverticula, diverticulum and diverticular disease.
Sigmoid Colon and Diverticulosis
The two reasons why the sigmoid colon is where diverticulosis strikes most of the time.
What Exactly Is The Prostate Gland?
Find out what the prostate gland is, and what can happen to a man's urinary and sexual functions when there is a problem with it...
Swollen Prostate - What You Need To Know
Up till today, the medical establishment still does not know the exact cause of benign prostatic hyperplasia, the term to describe a swollen prostate. Actually the answer can be found in the East…
Prostatitis – It May Be Something Else…
With symptoms that are similar to prostatitis, pudendal neuropathy (PN) or pudendal nerve entrapment (PNE) is often mistakenly diagnosed as prostatitis. Read on to find out why…
Traditional Birthing Positions - It Was Not Lying Flat or Semi-Sitting
The Western world's standard birthing positions - lying flat on the back and semi-sitting positions - were introduced recently. Historically, women had used the squatting position...
The Benefits of Squatting
There are so many reasons why you should seriously consider adopting squatting as your toileting posture. In fact, there are nine benefits of squatting that the modern toilet doesn't deliver...
Squatting Facets - Do You Still Have Them?
Do you know why, unlike people in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, most Westerners find it difficult to squat for any length of time? It has to do with squatting facets...
The Pudendal Nerve – What Can Go Wrong If You Don't Squat...
Discover the important role of the little-known pudendal nerve in bladder, bowel and prostate functions and sexual health. Find out how the use of sitting toilets can cause injury to the pudendal ner
A Brief History of The Pedestal Toilet
If plumbing had not come on the scene in the 1850s, the sitting toilet might not have taken root in the Western world. Read about this and more in "The History of The Pedestal Toilet".
Wallace Bowles - Squatting Campaign Titan
Read about the remarkable story and work of Wallace Bowles – Aussie, former fighter pilot, aircraft accident investigator, crusader and titan in the grassroots campaign on squatting ...
What You Need To Know About Toileting Posture, The Ileocecal Valve and Appendix
The effect of sitting and squatting on the ileocecal valve and appendix. And why the use of sitting toilets can damage the ileocecal valve and cause appendicitis and small intestine contamination.
The Life, Work and Legacy of Dr Denis Burkitt
Not many people know that Dr Denis Burkitt, the man who started the high fiber diet movement, also made another discovery that is not as well known - the advantages of the squatting position.
Contact Form for site
Contact form for questions relating to toilet-related ailments.
Toilet Related Ailments SiteSearch
Use SiteSearch to gather more information on the ailments and diseases that are linked to sitting toilets.
Acknowledgement of the work of Jonathan Isbit
This site would not have been possible without the work of men and women, especially Jonathan Isbit, the inventor of Nature's Platform.
Personal Experiences and Stories about Squatting
For those who have never use the squatting position for defecation before, the first time can be a most memorable one. This Stories About Squatting section is for visitors to share their experiences.
Privacy Policy of
Privacy Policy of
Sit Squat Toilet
Sit squat toilet is a special kind of toilet that allows you to squat or sit for waste elimination.
News about squatting
Latest news relating to squatting and toilet health problems

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