Wow I'm not weird!

by J
(Atlanta, GA)

Hello to all,

I'm J, a twenty nine year old male from Atlanta, GA. For the past twenty nine years as far as I can remember, I have alway's squatted when using the restroom.

Until today I have always thought of this as a weird habit and have been ashamed of talking about the issue with family or partners who have always wondered why I was so secretive whenever I used the restroom.

I mean I would literally lock myself in the restroom and would almost have a panic attack if anyone tried to enter as well as feel socially ackward when asked about the topic.

This has always been an issue, and I had no information about squatting because I never researched it, and knew no one else that did.

Little did I know that the way I am doing is the proper way. I am no longer shy, embarrassed or ashamed and actually feel quite liberated.

This new found information has lifted a great burden for me and I encourage anyone that has questions pertaining to any issue, unsure of something to just take time to do some research.

And I'm sure you'll find that your a lot more normal than you think.

Goodluck fellow squatters!

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