Thom Lester, Ordinary guy that's totally into healthy living : )

by Thom Lester
(The WET! Coast of Oregon, USA)

About the middle of 2010 I ran accross a site promoting the concept of the squatting position during bowel movements.

I read all i could find on the topic that same day and decided to begin the experiment. At that point I had some small hemorrhoids which I thought had developed due to sitting in chairs for hours at a time at work and during play-time creating digital art.

I'm happy to report that within about 4 months the hemerrhoids were completely gone/healed. Yet nothing in my lifestyle changed except my bottom side has not touched a toilet seat since the experiment began!

I also feel more energetic, lighter on my feet, and at 53 years young, better than I've felt in decades :)

Thom Lester
Health, Wellness, and Safety Administrator

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