This is the best thing to happen to me

by Maggie
(Orlando, FL )

I've been suffering with a severe case of fistulizing Crohn's for 13 years.

Although I haven't started using the sitting-to-squatting toilet converter product, the conclusions drawn by the author have inspired me to start to defecating in the backyard when I take out my dog.

What a difference this has made for me in my life!

All of my fistulae have closed and I've been able to go off all of my medications. I've finally got my social life back.

The only side effect I've encountered was when I inadvertently squatted over an ant hill and had to be rushed to the hospital, but now I just take an Epinephrine injection with me and I'm fine.

Thank you so much for your informative introspective on the root of such a debilitating disease!

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