Squatting - this topic should be read and believed by all mankind

by Dale
(Marinette Wi)

All my life I new that Thomas Crapper, the inventer of the modern colon crusher (sitting toilet), 'craped' on all mankind.

But my experience with squatting for defecation goes back when I was a child. I'm about 60 years old now; squatting does come harder but is well worth it on my lower intestinal tract.

With sitting toilets, the colon does not get the necessary beneficial bodily pressure from the thighs. This can lead to ruptured blood vessels inside your lower tract. The rectal area is also decreased when you are using the modern colon crusher (sitting toilets) as the buttocks are closed together.

This kills a lot of people ... what a missrable slow death. The lower intestine is very delicate and should be treated with the utmost respect. A person really need not and should almost never have to go for appendicitis surgery.

Thank you to the person or persons that brought this to the attention of the populace.

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