Squatting Theory

Not to be rude, but I think the squatting theory is ludicrous.

The Western diet tends to be overloaded with white flour, which completely clogs the system.

Add to that sugar, which creates bacterial imbalances, and the consumption of various other toxic non-foods, chemicals and preservatives, and the body is overloaded with junk and eventually cannot function normally.

Whites in South Africa and America are often more affluent and thus tend to eat more wholesome foods, whereas those on lower incomes tend to consume white flour, sugar and junk food in greater quantities.

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Feb 26, 2016
Ludicrous... Oh Really?
by: Anonymous

"The Western diet tends to be overloaded with white flour, which completely clogs the system."
Now THAT IS 'ludicrous' in fact it's totally absurd and RIDICULOUS!

I've never read such IGNORANCE.
If what you said is true (it's total baloney), but if it were and assuming you speak for yourself: it's all the more reason why you would need to take the advice of this website (plus the numerous others advocating the same), seriously and change to the squatting posture ASAP. Before you start experiencing more and far worse bowel disorders.

I was myself possibly even more skeptical than you, but curiosity won over me and I tried it with the intention of proving how ridiculous the whole concept of squatting to shit really is...

Well all I can say now is: "It's just as well I didn't bet money on it"...

BTW: I rarely ever ate foods containing flour (especially white flour) and still don't, yet I was one of the most constipated people in the world (sometimes didn't defecate for over a week) and my rectum was almost blocked with at least 4 prolapsed hemorrhoids... Shitting was always a very painful and often BLOODY experience...

All I can say to you is:
"Try it you WILL like it".

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