Squatting may not be good for all

by Chew

Squatting may be good for better emptying of bowel expecially for those who are used to squatting for defecation,but may be harmful for other people.

Patients with hemorrhoid and pelvic organs prolapse would likely find that squatting is bad. For some of these patients may have their hemorrhoid or the pelvic organs prolapse the moment they squat down. For this reason patients with pelvic organ prolapse are advised not to squat by their physiotheraspists or nurses.

In short squatting is:
1. Good for better emptying of bowel.
The thighs pressed on the abdominal wall and push the contents of the abdomen downwards and help to compress the rectal wall for better evacuation

2. Bad for the problems like hemorrhoid and pelvic organs prolaspe.
The pressure from the abdomen also pushes downn the pelvic organs and hemorrhoid cause prolapse. Secondly pelvic floor also descend more in squarting position due to the same reason. Repeated stretching downward in defecation.

Collectively, the passage of time and aging will cause weakening of muscles, and the pelvic floor will sag and predisposed a person to pelvic floor disorders.

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Nov 09, 2015
Squatting is good
by: ChandraC

Squatting is good for emptying of bowel. It is a recommended position when you do your thing.

Oct 11, 2010
I relearned to squat
by: Anonymous

About 35 years ago, here in the US, I relearnt squatting with heels on floor in my first childbirth preparation class. We were instructed that it toned and strengthened the pelvic floor muscles.

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