Squatting and Childbirth

by Dolly
(United States)

I am 31 year old Registered Nurse.

I had always noticed that in primitive cultures, women squatted to deliver. That seemed to make a whole lot of sense to me; I always wondered why we civilized Westerners with our top notch healthcare didn't do the same.

Well, during our OB class, I asked this.

My professor (an OB registered nurse practitioner, PhD), seemed baffled, quickly answered that OUR traditional method was actually much easier, as the gravity of squatting made no difference although it seemed it would, and lying down is actually easier; then quickly went on to the rest of the lecture.

Surprisingly, no one else was interested out of my 75 member class with only one guy!

I have never been pregnant and will most likely be child-free for life. However, why was no one else intrigued? It made no sense.

I really appreciate your site. The information within is quite fascinating.

Just thought this was an anecdote you might appreciate. (By the way, I am not an OB nurse, so I am no expert on the subject).

Thank you for your site and have a great day!

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