Not exactly it - Crohn's

I really doubt this since the first symptom of a Crohn's flare for me is multiple mouth canker sores... nothing to do as I know with toilet posture... Though I admit it is probably good for bowel hygiene, it doesn't solve the complexity of this auto-immune hereditary disease.

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Feb 25, 2016
Auto Immune / Hereditary?
by: Tony

Doctors and other health care professionals tell us that its an 'Auto-immune' or hereditary disease, but that's only because they really have no idea themselves, why it occurs and also don't like to answer (again because they don't know the answer), to the question of why this and other bowel disorders almost ONLY afflict Western industrialized societies, yet are unheard of in third world / developing nations. Societies where everyone still adopts the squatting posture to defecate.

Not saying you're wrong, but this AT LEAST, does offer a better explanation than what the medical profession tend to do with what they cannot explain: "Oh, well, err, yes... Hmmm.. It's hereditary" or, "It's an Auto-immune deficiency"...
I haven't seen any published research, clinical or empirical evidence that proves without a doubt, (or even with some uncertainty), that Crohn's Disease is caused by poor diet or lifestyle, or is indeed hereditary either.

Think carefully. The medical profession are NOT God and they themselves are the first to admit they're not.

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