Norma Bennett

by Norma Bennett
(Sacramento California)

This is amazing info! As Nurse Rn from India I am well aware of both eliminating postures. Never connected the info like its presented here.

Growing up in Bombay we started with a Squatter but evolved to a Sitter. As a nurse I see many health issues in the US which can be avoided by better "life habits", yet I find by virtue of living in a developed country I am getting used to different and some unhealthy living habits.

On the subject of eliminating equipment and postures I have come to the conclusion that squatting is the most natural (though primitive) way to better bowel (and all around) health.

Personally, I believe in daily elimination however a complete bowel evacuation can only be achieved when squatting; it has a profound effect on one's day knowing you're not carrying your "trash" to work.

It can be predictable and routine if one has a certain structure to it. I have a sister in Bombay who will chug a litre of filtered room temp water every morning at 4 am and head straight for the "loo" the rest of her busy hectic day as a single mom (almost- her husband has been wheelchair bound for 16 years) and 4 hour RT commuter on public transport!

While on the other hand my religion is a hot cup of strong tea (milk and cane sugar) which does the job for me!

So, its a good thing to try. Get to the point where a daily elimination of yesterday's food is a cycle.

I was surprised to hear that in most cases one sees one's 3 day old waste eliminated, that is totally unacceptable for good health; its like living near a dumpster. Good luck.

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