my diverticulitis story

by Jen l.
(new jersey)

Just a few years back, if anyone had mentioned to me that there could be a connection between colon related problems and toilet habits (and/or posture) I would have dismissed the idea entirely.

However, changes at my workplace in the last few years that have rendered me basically desk-bound (no more paper files hence no more 'paper' file fetching) I began to notice physical changes:

a) Aching shoulders
b) Sore neck
c) Weakening stomach muscles
d) An ever increasing and extremely puzzling realization that when I 'wiped' (how can i say this?), it felt different!!

It seemed as if more tissue was exposed. I could feel the difference on the side of the toilet tissue that touched my fingertips.

Even if I was having a perfectly normal 'movement' (no straining at all), there was still the unmistakable sensation of bulging tissue. When I would stand up, I could actually feel the tissue recede.

I kept telling myself I was imagining this, seemingly impossible, phenomenon but as time progressed I had to accept the fact that it was not my imagination.

I would think of possible reasons as to why this was happening, was it simply a result of the reality of 'getting older'? Maybe, but one other thought demanded my attention.

This odd 'change' seemed to have happened over the same period of time that the changes in my office (going paperless & staying hunched over a keyboard) took place. I could neither ignore this nagging theory or find the right person to discuss it with.

I was sure that anyone who I confided in about it, would find my idea pure lunacy. I also began to notice a change in the sensation I got when my body was telling me to have a bm. There was more pressure in my lower abdomen and rectal area, than I had ever felt.

Often times I would misread the pressure signal and realized that I wasn't 'ready' when I got to the toilet. In someone who rarely gave any thought to nature's evacuation process and who could basically set her clock by the regularity of her bm's, this was very odd to me. happened. I had my first attack of diverticulitis.

Going through the ordeal of pain, hospital, antibiotics and total misery, gave me the incentive I needed to explore the possibility that others may have theories about posture (in one form or another) and health issues.

I found more web-sites than I could have imagined that indeed expressed theories somewhat similar to mine. I am grateful.

I agree that our posture during a bowel movement is very important and that sitting instead of squatting can certainly contribute to developing diverticulosis disease.

I plan on making changes to my lifestyle and posture both at my desk and on the 'throne'.

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