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by Jules

For years I have been having pelvic and bowel problems, put down to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I had two fallopian tubes removed in separate operations and still had pain after ectopic many years ago; again IBS was mentioned.

I persisted with general practitioners (GPs)and got referred to a gynaecologist who did a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to look inside and found heaps of endometriosis and adhesions (filmy) adhering ovary to bowel one side and tube stump to ovary the other side and adhesions/endo round belly button.

They kept me in 4 days and told me what they found was worse than expected! Surgeon has cleared as much as possible but 2 months later I was in pain again and suspected endo or adhesions or both had come back.

I was getting right sided pelvic pinching worse when I sat or ate which became worse in the morning when the bladder and bowel are full. It woke me up early and I just lay there, barely able to move but tried stretching out adhesions within the right groin.

Often lived with painkillers and stool softners and colpermin and sleep tablets.

The GP then sent me to Gyne again who said he felt my pain now a little 1 inch too high but may still consider hysterectomy if menopause failed to iron out problems, zoladex failed which told them it was less likely endo and more likely adhesions, even muscular skeletal was mentioned.

Got referred to Gastro enterologist who did virtual ct scan as felt colonscopy would be agony for me with extensive adhesions. Just got results which is I have Diverculitis in the left
(my pinching pain in the right) and small Hiatus Hernia to add to adhesions IBS and prolapse tiled womb and piles and anal tears.

I get backache and spend evenings laying down with hot water bottle on pelvis and painkiller which leaves me constipated despite fybogel Merb and colpermin.

No wonder I've been in pain and it makes me feel sickly as endo apparently has its own nerve endings!

So what's next? GP advised hysterectomy that is only done by some surgeons as many believe it can cause worse adhesions.

I'm in pain alot of the time feels like ovary restuck to bowel in right side.

What can i do next? Jules

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