Influence of Indian and Western Toilets on Abdominal Muscles

by Dr Reema Rasotra
(Gurdaspur, Punjab, India)

Hello Everyone,

I am Dr Reema Rasotra. Currently I am in my second year of my Ortho programme in Phagwara University in Punjab, India.

I am happy to tell the readers that I am doing my dissertation on the topic of squatting and sitting positions for waste elimination.

It can be accepted by the general population if we can make people aware that squatting toilets play a very significant role in decreasing the effect of prevailing abdominal diseases, such as constipation, haemorrids, pelvic prolapses etc in both males and females.

Toileting posture plays a very important role in human health; which means that the correct type of toilets should be used for our health.

All the best,

Dr Rasotra
Contact no: 9988446015

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