I think this actually works

Here is my story. Back in 9th grade, I had a chronic cough that I think was caused by GERD, due to straining a lot on the toilet.

After about a year, I developed a rather disgusting toilet habit I prefer not to discuss. This habit (disgusting as it was) did keep me from straining on the toilet.

About the same time, my cough went away, and at that age, I thought it had been due to stress (I had a lot of social issues in school). I didn't make the connection with no longer straining on the toilet (because of disgusting habit) with the cough going away.

Anyway, around age 30, I decided that my disgusting toilet habit was simply too disgusting to continue, and stopped doing it, and started 'straining' on the toilet again.

Around the same time, my chronic cough came back.

I failed to associate discontinuing the disgusting but strain preventing toilet habit with the return of my GERD cough. Again, I thought it was stress related.

So anyway, a couple months ago, I started seeing commercials for the 'squatty potty' on TV, and looked into the matter.

It sounded nuts, but when I read the websites about how human anatomy works, it actually made sense to me. So I figured, what the hell, and started squatting on the toilet.

Poof! In less than a month, the cough I have had for 16 years, since age 30, has gotten 95% better.

I finally figured out why it went away after about a year in 9th grade (due to the disgusting habit that kept me from straining on the toilet) and why it came back at age 30 (when I stopped the disgusting habit).

All I can say is squatting is NATURAL, it WORKS, and it's HEALTHIER and NOT disgusting like the other habit I was doing.

I intend to keep squatting. Thank you!

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