Father Recently Died On Toilet

by Jewels

My father, was found slumped over the bathtub, with his pants to his ankles, had knocked off the toilet paper, toilet paper roller, and both of the separate toilet paper metal holders attached to the bathroom sink cabinet.

Defecation all over the bathroom floor. Found at 11:55 am.,sister called me by 12:14pm, Dad still warm, (not stiff), even when we all arrived by 1:00-1:30 pm. I had recently told to keep 2 baby aspirin on him at all times, in case he felt a heart attack coming on.

He had recently been monitored for atrial fibrillation, and was placed on a blood thinner and some other type of medication. He was supposed to be evaluated further that Monday following his death.

Originally, if they were not able to keep it in the right rhythm,they were intending to shock it back into right rhythm but told him they hadn't thought it necessary now because it adjusted itself.

So we are puzzled? What brought on this massive heart attack? And are heart attacks on the toilet quick? My sister and nephew were asleep upstairs and didn't hear a thing, and are shocked by this?

Father was 75, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol but had been in good physical shape prior to this.

What do you think happened?

Sister said he was fine the night before. Stepmom was in hospital with c diff infection, recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

Do you think it was stress? He binge drank on occasion. But had not drank that night. No autopsy was performed, paramedics and coroner sited natural causes and heart attack.

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