Chris Goodwin's Squatting Experience

by Chris Goodwin
(Capetown, South Africa)

I read about the advantages of squatting vs sitting and decided to try it. It really works!

The more complete elimination of waste from my body had an immediate effect - I felt less tired and more energetic than I had in years. Another benefit was less farting, less belching and less heartburn than previously.

In fact, to start with I was amazed at the increased quantities of crap that came out of my body, and to think that all that toxic material had previously been stored inside me!

Based on my personal experience, I would reccomend the squatting position for anyone, and it's easy to do on a Western-style toilet: Just squat on the seat rim, and let go!

However, depending on your particular anatomy, some of your mess may be deposited on the seat rim, so clean up afterwards!

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Nov 03, 2011
Knows Squat
by: Anonymous

I'm impressed. Someone really tried the product and actually knows squat about it. A better crap is a 5 star rating in my book!

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