Benefits and value of squatting

by Mary

Without much hope I was searching the internet for something that could turn my toilet into a squatting toilet when I found your website.

And the rest was utter joy. Having spent half of my childhood years in the West and the other half in the East I can not tell you how good squatting is, you just have to experience it.

When I was returning to Australia after 15 years I knew the squatting toilet would definitely be missed. Mind you, the sitting toilet is not bad when you only want to empty out your bladder. too much squatting especially for long intervals can also be harmful for the joints and the knees. But that is nothing compared to the evils of sitting.

I believe the ideal situation is to have both: a sitting and a squatting toilet, one for each purpose. Oh and I should say there is nothing like washing your body afterwards for a pleasant toilet experience. Just try it once and you will be hooked.

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