Almost Died

by Almost 40
(Austin, Tx)

Once, in 2009, I was straining like a mad man on my toilet. After the straining has accomplished the job, I let my breath out, and a few seconds later, started to become very dizzy and faint.

Sweat began to stream out of my pores and I started to lose consciousness. It was hard to breathe and I tried to focus on the task of doing so exclusively.

I then fell onto the floor and woke up a short time later with my pants around my ankles (dirty ass and all) and although happy to be alive, very concerned about my experience.

Sometime before this event I had my first hemorrhoid. At 37, I was disappointed and fearful about what the future would bring. I do remember thinking one day while on the (toilet) throne, that nature was silly not to have provided man with an effective way to evacuate.

I mean, the human body is a marvel of engineering, yet going to the bathroom every day was an exercise in endurance.

After I passed out and went to the doctor, who was completely worthless and told me to eat a BRIC diet, I began to research defecation syncope and hemorrhoids. I stumbled across the articles collected here and was taken in by the organizing idea.

The reason for the straining I was undertaking in the bathroom, was spelled out clearly and the knowledge of some of the long term consequences of repeatedly pushing with the diaphragm fit well with my personal experiences.

As a westerner, questioning the sit toilet is almost impossible. I have found that many of my friends would rather go to the Dr and have hemorrhoids dealt with surgically rather than attempt something as crazy as squatting. Many are too large to attempt squatting on a regular toilet, but many just cannot see past their own upbringing.

After a year, I can say with confidence that the squatting position allows for easier evacuation. I don't strain at all anymore. There are a few times when I would like to strain, but I find that a series of deep breaths (but not holding the breath) will give resolution in a few seconds.

When I first started squatting, I told myself, well if it means no more hemorrhoids, I will do anything. So far, so good. I have not strained once since I started using the squatting position.

Has the knowledge on this site saved my life? I don't know. Passing out on the toilet is a very scary experience. If I remain healthy without expensive and possibly worthless medical treatment, then I will consider myself as one of those fortunate few who were able to use education, knowledge, and an open mind to change their lifestyle and avoid further pain.

In this light. I praise the presenter of this information.

Thank you.

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Sep 13, 2014
Light headedness while having a bowel movement
by: John McCreadie

I have suffered with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo for over ten years. Some months ago while in the Prep Room for back surgery, I almost passed out, one of the nurses quickly got me to breath deeply in through my nose and out through my mouth, this helped
More recently I have been experiencing light headedness while straining on the toilet, so I started to use the technique the nurse gave me and when I first sit on the toilet I take several deep breaths to help oxygenate my brain, not enough to hyperventilate but just enough to do the trick. By mere chance I hit on another little trick; that is to, hold your nose and pop your ears and at the same time push down. I found this simply by blowing my nose while on the toilet.

Nov 20, 2013
Am I at risk??
by: Anonymous

I get dizzy and/or light-headed every time I strain, which is MOST of the time I go "#2".

I would like to know what the visitors to this site (and The Statistics) say about my risk of heart attack and stroke (not to mention h'roids).

Apr 04, 2013
A day at the toilet
by: Anonymous

I had an annuloplasty ring implanted @ the mitral position Dec 2012. On 3/25/13 I was straining to pass a stool too large to exit. I had already taken miralax and I was responding to the urge to defacate but the matter was rock hard and stuck half way out so I bagan to bear down with all my might. I broke into a sweat and my arms and hands began to shake violently...... uncontrollably. the shaking stopped after 30 seconds or so but I have been experiencing anginia, tingling, and numbness of the brain and upper extremities ever since. MRI and echo in the morning.

Dec 06, 2010
vaso vagal on toilet
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info. i am researching this due to it happening to someone I know and realise it is more common than I thought.

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