After living in Iran in 1977

by Carol
(Brooklyn NY)

I just stumbled accross this site looking for a colon diagram...

I had the good fortune of living in Iran for 2 years as a teenager and often "had to" use their floor level toilets.

It became so natural for me that I have squatted on regular toilets ever since (for bowel movements only).

Fortunately I've always eaten well: no red meat, and as organic as possible, exercised yoga and maintained proper weight and flexibility to do so.

It has been a secret I have kept to myself...until now!! Good job on your product!

It will help many who may not be able to "get up there" without it! This information really needs to be heard, I've lost several friends to cancer and many my age (early 50's) are already on medications and suffering ill health.

It's so sad that a simple change like this could make such a difference if people could simply be open minded.

I'm of the school that most disease begins in the colon. Glad I had the Iranian experience at a young age!

Keep up the good work!

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