a travel solution for squatting

To squat when you are travelling, use a shallow plastic or metal rectangular container that has a lid. place the container in the bathtub or on the floor of the bathroom. Squat to defecate, and when you are finished, dump the contents in the sitting toilet and flush.

You don't have to squat very long in the bathtub, as squatting helps you get the job done so much more quickly.

If the toilet is separated from the floor or bathtub (ie in a stall or separate room), you can use the lid and/or a shot of fragrance Free Febreze, which will reduce the smell, while you transport the feces to the toilet to be flushed. This can be the situation at various camps and conference centres that I go to where I don't have a private bathroom.

Now that I am used to squatting, I can't imagine going back to sitting, so this preparation for traveling is well worth the effort.

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