13 Months of Squatting

by Gregg
(New Zealand)

Hi there!

It's now October 2009. In September last year I read Ross Horne's book "Cancerproof Your Body", which completely changed my outlook and behavior regarding nutrition. It also changed the way I "pooed".

Since reading about how bad the sit-toilet is and how despite an extremely poor diet, one population group - who squat to defecate - has an extremely low incidence of cancer, I changed right there and then. In the last 13 months I have only ever squatted (yes, I squat on Western style toilets, on the rim - after a wipe).

What's the result? Most notably, the ease of release. It's like dropping as opposed to pushing, and usually the whole lot pops out at once. Quick, clean and efficient. A pleasure actually. Really!

Do I feel better day-to-day because of it? That's hard to say since I also eat 95% fruit/5% seafood & vegetables. Well, the fact is I feel great, lost by belly flab and generally feel about 15 years younger (I'm 41).

More than how I feel currently, I know that by squatting I'm helping my system self-cleanse itself and that will help maintain good health for the rest of my life. I'll never go back to sitting.

Will you give it a try today? I dare you!

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